Why You Need Travel Insurance – Getting Sick in a Foreign Country


There is much information available online regarding the many aspects of travel insurance, including discussions on the different types: whether to opt for personal, family, annual or single trip travel insurance, or even whether it is necessary at all. After all, just how probable is it that you will need to be evacuated due to a political uprising or be the victim of criminals who target tourists? Obviously, the chances aren’t too high – thankfully! However, even small, mundane events – such as getting food poisoning while travelling – can derail your plans, or at the very least lessen your enjoyment. If you’re on the fence as to whether to buy a policy, listed are a few ways in which having appropriate cover is useful, even a godsend, under certain circumstances.


The first and most obvious benefit of having a single trip travel insurance policy in place in the event of illness is, of course, the financial aspect. While emergency medical treatment should be available to you regardless, many smaller hospitals in smaller towns will require those without cover to pay upfront before admission – and getting your hands on that kind of cash might prove difficult. Having a policy ensures that you receive treatment as soon as possible, facilitating admission into certified hospitals and ensures you are on your way to healing as

soon as possible.

Once the immediate crisis is dealt with, there is also the worry that you might miss your flight home due to your illness. You might need to stay in the country longer, and may also lose income if you are unable to return as scheduled. Having a good single trip travel insurance policy in place provides coverage for emergency flight cancellations and emergency medical treatment, and, depending on your plan, can provide protection against financial losses related to your illness.


Getting sick while travelling abroad can be one of the most troublesome experiences you can have. Getting sick in a country where very few of the locals speak English can be difficult on several levels. Not only are you miserable from your illness, but there is the added stress of wondering if you have picked up some exotic illness or pathogen. Dealing with a different type of medical system is often downright scary, and the paperwork involved can be extremely frustrating. One of the most helpful things about having single trip travel insurance in such a case is that your policy provider may have dedicated representatives in the hospital who will immediately meet with you to furnish you with information and help you navigate the red tape. Just having access to information about your situation and your options can really give some measure of peace of mind and help you heal faster.