The Advantages of Buying Single Trip Travel Insurance


If you’re heading off on a trip abroad, you’ll have plenty of things to think about and get in place, not least organising single trip travel insurance. This is the type of insurance that (as the name suggests) covers you for just one journey abroad. Some people prefer to get annual cover since they can go on more trips without having to book additional policies every time they go. However, there are some significant advantages to booking single trip cover, and we’ll go through them here.

It’s the cheapest option to cover one trip

If money is an issue and you want to spend as little on your cover as possible, this is the best way to do it. The policy is simple – you get one deal that covers you for the duration of time you will be away for. This could be for a weekend or a fortnight or longer, depending on the holiday you want to go on. The most important thing is you can get a cheap single trip travel insurance policy to cover your holiday.

It means you won’t have the potential to waste a yearly policy

Some people book an annual policy because they think they could make use of it time and time again over the coming year. After all, it does cover you for twelve months and will be suitable for all manner of holidays and short breaks. However, in reality you have to think about the odds of actually going away more than once. While it might be nice to think about heading off to sunnier climes every couple of months, how many of us have the money and the time to do so? This is why a single trip travel insurance policy could be the smart option, to cover just one trip and to save you money in the process.

It is simple and quick to buy

Isn’t it nice to know you can arrange your travel insurance quickly and easily? You can either get your single trip travel insurance policy arranged online or over the phone, depending on which method you prefer. Once you have booked your holiday and you know when you will be away, you can start looking for a cheap policy to ensure you are fully covered for your time away.

As you can see there are indeed several advantages to buying this type of cover. It may not suit everyone, but plenty of people will find this is the ideal form of travel insurance to get before they head off on a foreign holiday. Just be sure you think ahead and shop around to get the best price you possibly can. This alone will save you time and money and ensure you can relax and enjoy your holiday, all the while knowing you have the cover you need.