Getting the Perfect Family Travel Insurance Policy


In the minefield of choice that is family travel insurance, it is better to have an expert match your personal requirements for cover while abroad. Rather than attempt to consider every policy to see what is covered and what is not, an expert will know the right questions to ask so you end up with the right policy.

Getting the Right Policy

There is no easy answer to whether a particular policy covers a specific set of circumstances, because each company and policy is slightly different to the next. You will have to ensure that you read the key facts about the policy to ensure that the items you require are, in fact, covered.

For example, whether you are going to be affected by volcanic ash may be something that worries you if you’re going to a part of the world where a volcano may affect you; but if you are going to be cruising in the middle of the Atlantic, volcanic ash may not be a problem you have to worry about. The important thing is to purchase family travel insurance that is relevant for your particular needs.

One Trip or Multi-trip?

Consider the holidays you may be taking with your family over the course of the next year and it can often be beneficial to consider purchasing annual or multi-trip cover. This may cost far less when comparing the price of paying for one trip at a time. By purchasing your family travel insurance to cover your whole family for a year in advance, you also take away the worry of needing to remember to purchase cover each time you go away – especially since flights across Europe are so cheap and weekend breaks are an easy option.

What Do You Need to Declare?

Instead of worrying too much about whether things like volcano ash are likely to cause a delay, many people are more concerned about which pre-existing medical conditions need to be mentioned to their company before purchasing a policy. If you have any concerns you should speak to your family travel insurance experts and provide them with all the relevant information (yes, all of it!), so you can ensure that the cover provided is perfect for your family and you will be assured of a claim being paid out. The company might exclude some circumstances where, for example, there has been a recent diagnosis, treatment or care for an illness, and you may not be able to receive cover for some specific circumstances or illnesses. However, everything else should still be covered, but, again, it always pays to be upfront – and ask if you are not sure.