5 Valid Reasons You Need Insurance For Your Family Holiday


In this kind of economy, it makes perfect sense to try to save as much money as you can, especially when it comes to luxury outlays like travel. But the question is, should that include insurance for your family holiday? There’s a certain kind of person who insists that you don’t need it; that statistically, the chance of accidents, missed flights, lost baggage and the like are negligible. While it may be true that in many cases you may never have to make a claim on the insurance for your family holiday (which is a very good thing), there’s no way of predicting it.

Here are five very good reasons to get insurance for your family holiday.

More people are travelling

Technology, namely the Internet, has opened the doors for more people to travel, unlike in previous times when it was a luxury only the elite could afford. More people travelling means more flights, meaning more traffic to the airports, around the airports, inside the airports and in the space above the airports! This means there is more opportunity for delayed flights and missed connections, not to mention lost luggage. Having decent cover will give you peace of mind if any of the aforementioned scenarios occur.

Climate change…

Yes, climate change, global warming and the greenhouse effect do affect your need to get coverage for travel. Why? It’s simple: weird weather. The last few years have seen typhoons, volcano eruptions and other freakish weather occurrences in unusual situations. If you are ever caught somewhere by a raging storm that shuts down the airport and cancels flights for days, you’ll be glad of your comprehensive cover. It’s far better to wait it out in the comfort of a hotel with sufficient food and warmth, especially if you have children with you than on the floor of an airport.

… and it’s not just the weather

Political climates can also be unpredictable. Just ask the people who were trapped in Bangkok days longer than they planned while political issues shut down the airport. Again, having insurance for your family holiday gives you better options than just sleeping in the airport. You could probably do it if you were alone, but it’s a different story when you have your whole family with you, particularly young children or elderly parents.

You’ve worked hard for that money

After working hard to make money, save away and plan the most perfect trip to share with your loved ones, you don’t want a delayed flight, lost luggage or a fever to spoil everything, do you? With a proper policy in place you can make the most of your trip, even when unforeseen events happen.

Because they’re worth it

Your family is the very reason you work hard, save and plan those holidays in the first place – you may resent paying out for a policy you may not use, but peace of mind is priceless.