3 Good Reasons to Get Annual Travel Insurance


Every year plenty of people travel abroad to go on holiday, but they don’t all have annual travel insurance. While you can certainly get insurance to cover you for a single holiday, it isn’t always the best choice.

Here we go through three good reasons why you should think about opting for annual travel insurance when you next go away.

1: It works out cheaper

At first glance you might think an annual policy is more expensive than a single trip policy. However, it all depends on how many holidays you are planning to have during that year. If you only have the one break during the year then you would be better off with a single trip policy. However, if you regularly go away you will soon find how much more cost effective it is to get annual travel insurance. The cheaper overall cost is one of the main reasons why so many people opt for this type of policy.

2: It covers you for unlimited trips during that year

While many of us book our main summer holiday several months in advance, we may also have long weekends away that are booked much closer to the time of travel. For example, you may plan a two-week break to Spain a few months before you actually go. In contrast you might think of taking a Friday off and planning a three-day trip to France when you have the time to do so. The great thing about an annual policy is that it will cover you for all these trips – long or short – throughout the year it is valid for.

3: It makes it easier to arrange last minute trips abroad

Have you ever wanted to escape for a weekend at the last minute? We’ve probably all found ourselves in this position, and yet it is all too easy to be put off by the hassle of making all those last minute arrangements. At least when you have an annual travel insurance policy that lasts for an entire year, you’ll know you are covered for the short break you are thinking of taking. Providing you can book your tickets and you have a passport in place (plus any visas you might need) you will already know you have the cover you need.

As you can see, being able to enjoy the freedom offered by a yearly policy is just one of the perks it has to offer. It is essential to have travel insurance when you go abroad, just in case you should incur an illness or injury that requires treatment or even the need to get back home. Without it you could find yourself in some expensive trouble. However, with a year-long policy it makes going on a holiday or even a short trip far easier to plan for and enjoy.