3 Compelling Reasons to Invest in Family Travel Insurance


When you are looking to plan your family holiday to somewhere amazing, the last thing on your mind is likely to be family travel insurance, but you should take the time to consider it. Whether you are heading to Paris to meet up with Mickey and Minnie at Disneyland, or going to sun yourself on the beaches of Italy, you should always take out the extra bit of security and buy family travel insurance to cover your holiday; nothing is worse than something coming up to throw your holiday off kilter, or needing to cancel it entirely. If you have sufficient cover you won’t be at a loss to recover the money, tickets, luggage and time. While there is a huge list of reasons to get travel insurance, these top three should be enough to convince you it is a worthwhile venture.


Everyone hopes that illness doesn’t become an issue coming up to, or on a holiday. But it can happen, especially if you have small children. If one of your family becomes ill prior to a trip, your family travel insurance will cover you should you need to rearrange your holiday, or even postpone it. Likewise, if a member of your family gets ill while away from home, insurance will help make sure that you are not left out of pocket and can even cover your medical bills and transport should you need to be repatriated for the appropriate medical treatment.

Cancelled flights

While we don’t like to consider the possibility of an “Act of God” causing a holiday to be cancelled, sometimes these things do happen; just in case, it is wise to get your family travel insurance and be covered for all eventualities should volcanic ash or an unexpected storm come along and ground your flight. Plus, though it may not be an “Act of God”, sometimes things come up and flights are cancelled for various reasons – being insured will enable you to either get your money back, or help cover the costs of getting on a new flight.

Personal Liability

Sometimes we get distracted; sometimes children throw things off balconies; sometimes we forget how to drive on the opposite side of the road. Things can happen, and if they do, it is best to be covered for every eventuality should you suddenly find yourself involved in any sort of accident, however small, with another party. The right sort of family travel insurance will enable you to not only cover your own family, but also protect others while you are on holiday. This is especially helpful if you plan to rent a car or boat while away.