Should You Cover Your Holiday If It’s Only a Long Weekend?


While you probably look forward to a summer break and always cover your holiday with the appropriate insurance, do you ever take long weekends away as well? If you do, you may not think to book travel insurance to cover these periods – but you really should.

The average long weekend means leaving home late on Thursday or perhaps early on Friday morning and returning home late on Sunday or even on Monday. This means you are away – often in another country – for a few days and you have the chance to explore somewhere you may never have been before. It also means it is equally important to make sure you are properly covered in case anything should happen as if you were going for two weeks. Here are some reasons why.

Things can still go wrong on a short trip as opposed to a long one

When you are only going away for two or three days it can be tempting to forget about booking insurance to cover your holiday. However, a problem is still a problem if you encounter one, and that can mean your short break is spoilt. You should be able to find a cheap policy to cover a long weekend, so you should always invest in one to make sure all your bases are covered.

Luggage can still go missing or be stolen

If your long weekend involves flying abroad, you still have the potential for your luggage to go missing en route to your destination. This means you might have to cope without any clothing or essentials – and as you are on a short break your entire time away could be spent finding the things you need! This can be resolved when you cover your holiday for just this kind of event.

A short break can be ruined just as easily as a long one

As we have already seen, things can go wrong just as easily and in the same ways they can on a longer break. The only difference is the length of the trip you are on in the first place. All the same problems and issues could still arise.

For example if you enjoy a long weekend in Paris you could still fall ill while you are there or have an accident that requires medical treatment. If this is the case your entire weekend could be ruined – and you may have problems getting home as well. A simple travel insurance policy will cover your holiday for this kind of event, so make sure you take it just as seriously for a short break as you would for a longer one.

As you can see, there are all kinds of reasons why you still need an insurance policy for a short break.