Make Sure Your Family Holiday Doesn’t Turn Into a Nightmare


Going on a family holiday is exciting for everyone. However, it usually entails lots of things to think about, and the planning can also get quite stressful. But it can be a lot more stressful if you forget one vital thing: travel insurance. For family holidays, nothing can be more important.

Why Do You Need Cover?

Quite simply, if you don’t take out cover you are taking a huge risk when you go on your holiday. The most important reason for taking out insurance is for medical costs. In the UK, you’ve got the NHS; abroad, you won’t have that. You may be expected to pay for your own medical expenses, and this can quickly go up into the thousands of pounds for a something like a broken arm, or tens of thousands of pounds for more serious injuries.

What about if you travel to Europe and you’ve got the EHIC? Many people think that they are covered for all treatment, but the EHIC only provides you with the same level of medical care that a local of that country would receive. This may be inferior to the care you would expect at home, and you may still have to pay for some of the treatment. And if you need to be repatriated back home, you will have to pay for it yourself, which can be very expensive.

What About the Other Events Covered?

When it comes to travel insurance for family holidays, a good policy will include more than just cover for medical costs. It will also include cover for things like having to cancel your trip. Imagine you have to cancel on health grounds right before you go away. You would lose the money you have already spent on accommodation, car rentals and more. A good policy can cover you for these expenses.

You could lose an item or some money while you are on holiday, and travel insurance for family holidays can also cover these. What if your flight is delayed? Some policies will provide financial assistance. Some even provide cover for acts of terrorism, so there are plenty of extra reasons to take out a decent policy.

What is a Family Policy?

Some insurance providers allow you to purchase a family policy, and the main reason for choosing one of these is the cost. If you buy your policies separately, not only is it less convenient for you, but also the costs can quickly add up. With one policy, it is more convenient and you may be able to enjoy a significant discount. Sometimes children can even be insured for free.

Always Remember Appropriate Cover

Travel insurance for family holidays is essential. There are a few things that you should never forget, and a good policy is one of them. So enjoy peace of mind and, no matter how stressful it may get at times, at least you know you will be covered for every eventuality.