Tips for Shopping For Non-Medical Insurance Plans


Shopping of insurance is no longer challenging. Insurance shoppers can choose to buy their plans online or through an insurance agent. Alternatively, they can contact an insurance company directly via email or by phone.

However, the internet offers an effective channel through which insurance shoppers can buy products from the comfort of their homes. Furthermore, the ability to access multiple quotes from a single website makes the process of comparing quotes very easy.

Consequently, shoppers stand a better chance of getting products that have been priced competitively. The tips for shopping non-medical plans include:

· Determine your coverage

The right no exam life insurance plan should offer an effective way of replacing lost income. Furthermore, the right plan should be able to cover other expenses including, mortgage and college tuition. It is unfortunate that far too many people end up underestimating the amount of insurance coverage they need.

Many opt for plans based purely on price and as a result they end up getting policies that offer low death benefits. As a result, their survivors get small cash amounts that can hardly support them beyond one year. It is advisable to work with a knowledgeable agent who will help you determine how much insurance coverage is right for you.

· What affects the premiums?

The three primary factors that affect premiums are age, health status and weight. Other factors include height, gender, occupation, hobbies, smoking and drinking habits.

However, insurance carriers have been adjusting their rates in order to reflect the realities in the environment. Consequently, different carriers treat medical issues in diverse ways.

Some understand many people are unable or unwilling to undergo a medical exam in order to be qualified for insurance. As a result, they offer no exam life insurance plans, which are particularly ideal for people with pre-existing medical conditions or a past medical history. This makes it possible for shoppers to benefit from standard rates or better.

· Application process

It is advisable to get as many quotes as possible from different carriers. This will help you compare rates in order to settle for a great deal. The process of application can be done online or via the phone.

Many insurance companies offer applicants the options of submitting their premiums, monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually with the amounts payable varying slightly depending on the method selected.

When you get a quote, this will grant you the ideal opportunity to facilitate basic information about your age, gender, weight, height, smoking & drinking habits, occupation and habits. Some companies may ask a few questions about your health.