Mediclaim – Uncovered


Ray is now familiar with the basics of what and why a mediclaim is useful. There are several more questions he has for his agent, because he prefers to make an informed choice instead of blindly choosing a policy that merely sounds good.

While choosing a mediclaim, it is not only the value of the risk cover that matters. Every insurance company has put forth various terms and conditions. Trying to understand so much information can easily confuse anyone, but it can all be made easier if one can get their basics right.

Following are some of the questions and answers that will clear the air around the various aspects of a mediclaim policy.

How do I make sure I am able get my claim reimbursed without much hassle?

There have been several cases in the past where, people were unable to make use of their health insurance despite having a valid reason. The main reason behind this is mainly because of lack of awareness of the various procedures involved not only while availing a health insurance, but also after choosing a policy.

While making a claim, ensure you have all the required documents in order so as to make a hassle free claim. A general list of documents includes:

  • Proposal Form
  • Previous policy (if any)
  • Signed claim form
  • Original bill with all the charges clearly mentioned
  • Original discharge card/ death summary
  • Original investigation reports with corresponding prescription
  • Pharmacy bills
  • All diagnostic reports (x-ray, scan etc)

Always make timely claims for reimbursement; this will help in fastening the entire process.

Does it make sense to avail multiple mediclaim policies?

No. Availing multiple mediclaim policies may prove to be counter-productive because each policy is designed differently. In fact, some policies don’t allow such overlaps.

What is a critical illness rider? Is it another name for mediclaim?

A critical illness rider is a facility that allows a lump sum of money to be paid as cover when a person is deprived of his earning capacity when he or she is diagnosed with a critical illness.

This is a facility that can be availed as part of your health insurance; it mainly covers for the policyholder’s loss of income.

Here, the insurance is availed when the corresponding diagnostic reports are produced.

The important point to be kept in mind at all times is to read the fine print with the utmost care. This is what matters because at the end of the day it’s your money, your life’s savings.