Good, Bad, and Indifferent Healthcare Reform


After working in the insurance field for several years and learning the curves, legal jargon, and attitudes of industry leaders nothing ever seems to amaze me. Under this new format and re-structuring of the affordable care act laws, known as Healthcare Reform, more than enough people are being helped. Though, the plan has many flaws that needs to be revised, overall many people who once were unable to have coverage can now have affordable health insurance and care thanks to this mandate. A plan that was introduced by Mitt Romney in the state of Massachusetts, has been implemented by our current President Barack Obama, although much mockery and the smearing by political leaders and tea parties to attempt to spoil something good for the American people, good always prevails over evil.

The best thing we can do as consumers is to educate ourselves and to realize that to control cost we must change our lifestyle and behaviors. Once, the rubber truly hits the road which is in this case our finances, then many of us will pay better attention to how our money is being spent and what is expected of us as consumers. The insurance industry is transferring the cost itself to consumers overall to help cover the cost due to the fact that everyone has to have coverage regardless of their health conditions; pre-existing conditions no longer matter. The industry is moving towards to having consumers pay higher deductibles and premiums thanks to no longer being able to rate or deny coverage altogether.

In all actuality insurers’ have just hiked their prices higher to attempt to absorb the cost of healthcare not knowing who they will cover under the new healthcare reform law. As a whole the entire health insurance industry will experience higher cost, because more people than ever before who have been denied, will now be able to receive coverage no matter their economic situation.

If someone is economically challenged and are eligible for a tax credit also known as a subsidy, then, the federal government will help pay insurers, so every individual can have coverage if he or she chooses to take advantage of the tax credits that has been implemented from this current administration. This tax credit will help consumers who are unable to pay for insurance own their own, they will receive a certain amount of money monthly as a credit that will go directly to the insurer to offset the difference if they need financial assistance. For individuals who are living in poverty and has no income or money altogether; then they will receive state Medicaid to provide health insurance and care for themselves.

Overall, this will increase the cost of insurance for all. The government as a whole whether on local, state or federal levels controls every industry regardless of its kind. The politicians on every level of government should stop accusing the other with all the rhetoric, and begin to do their jobs for the American people especially those suffering in this country due to a lack of finances. The stupidity and arrogant ways of some politicians’ who are in authoritative positions and abusing their authority as leaders in society is unacceptable.

All the bickering,backstabbing, and uncooperative spirit to work together for the common good of others must come to an end. We all will give an account of how we have lived in this life, the rewards will be limited or lost to those who are using their position of authority to abuse their status in society. Our current President Barack Obama has done a tremendous job with having a heart for people, his accomplishment of succeeding with Healthcare Reform, though it has many flaws and needs to be revised; is truly a blessing to many people who have never had the opportunity to be able to afford affordable healthcare. His efforts will not go unnoticed and he should be applauded for this massive undertaking and accomplishment.